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Reboot At The Best Family Resort In Mahabaleshwar

Welcome to the Jungle Valley Resort- a high-altitude Mahabaleshwar family resort! Perched on the edge of the all-embracing Mahabaleshwar cliffs, we are perfectly located to offer you misty views of the Sahyadri hills and the meandering rivers. .

Our accommodations are a blend of contemporary amenities and natural designs which present untamed tranquility and pleasure. Escape the pandemonium of the city and jump right in to explore alluring beauty with the best Mahabaleshwar hotel resort!

A cozy stay overlooking the hills!

Right from location to accommodations, the design elements are inspired by the unhindered natural beauty of the hills. The resort is cradled by lush rainforests which breathe out unspoiled air thus rendering a refreshing experience over your stay.

Along the 10 km stretch from State Highway 72, one is offered the perfect trailer to the marvels herein. The route is carved between scenic vistas under the open skies, setting the stage for the distinct aura that the resort dwells in.

As you enter the Jungle Valley Resort, you embark on an authentic and breathtaking journey that unwinds and rejuvenates you to the core.

  • Rooms
  • Whether the purpose of your travel is a luxurious getaway with all amenities or you simply wish to rejoice in natural surroundings, we can cater to all. Our 8 well-managed rooms and cottages make us the perfect family resort in Mahabaleshwar.

    The rooms are a lovely fusion of serenity and tranquility which extend to spectacular views on the outside. This exterior charm is further accentuated by the bright furnishings and art illustrations within.

    As you settle in, get ready to be pampered by the unparalleled services of the staff. With round-the-clock availability for every tourist, the staff ensures a fully equipped, sanitized, and comfortable experience for all.

    Culinary delicacies

    One can sample the best of Asian and continental delicacies at our dining facility. From breakfast with an open view to candlelight dinners, we offer the ultimate settings for a relishing experience.

    Things To Do

    Our in-house club offers a range of engaging activities and games to spend your day and get refreshed physically and mentally. On the property, we have carrom, chess, badminton, cricket, cards kit and more. Additionally, we can arrange for cycling outside the premises as well.

    The resort has an exotic swimming pool overlooking the panorama of the Sahyadri mountains. You can simply splash in the pool and enjoy the infinite view under the open skies or have snazzy cocktails by the side and have the best time of your life.

    If you are up for unusual excursions, we have the most thrilling adventures planned for you! We take charge of organizing hiking trails in and around the lush virgin woods of the region. It’s a rare opportunity to explore the exquisite flora and fauna of the hills. You can also indulge yourself in the fruit plantations around and update yourself with knowledge on farming.

    Places to Visit

    Your stay at Mahabaleshwar would be incomplete without a visit to the tourist destinations structured on the lush green carpets of the hill station. Being a natural paradise, the hill station has multiple places that offer enthralling views of its majestic beauty. These destinations help you embrace and appreciate the glory in its entirety.

  • Venna Lake
  • You can take a boat for rent and go pedaling on the tranquil waters of the lake. The lakeside stalls offer activities like ferris wheels riding, gambling, food, etc.

  • View Points
  • Trail the setting sun at the high-rise points of the area. Some of the famous points offering a panoramic view include Kate’s Point, Arthur’s Seat, and Sunset Point.

    Pratapgarh Fort

    The majestic Pratapgarh fort is a 16 km journey from the resort. Its unique location overlooks the state’s beauty in an unparalleled manner. Fill yourself with the rich history of the Shivaji era alongside enjoying the beauty.

    Mapro Gardens

    It is one of the most famous destinations which houses the world-famous Mahabaleshwar strawberries and syrups. The garden consists of a children’s park and an in-house restaurant that offers delicious mousse, smoothies, and other food items.

    Apart from the above, Wai, Tapola lake, and Panchgani are some of the other natural beauties around the Jungle Valley Resort to explore for a complete stay.

    Enjoy a relaxing vacation, take in the fresh, clean air, eat our delicious food and get pampered by our services. Everything is possible here! To know more about the family tour packages for Mahabaleshwar’s Jungle Valley Resort, do visit our website.

    Welcome home to the Jungle Valley Agricultural Resort- the best resort near Mahabaleshwar!